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Veteran trees provide an abundance and continuity of specialist habitats for plant, insect and animal species, particularly in relation to dead wood. Wharton Tree & Ecology Consultants is actively involved in the preparation of ancient and veteran tree management reports and surveys in order to safeguard our historic trees.


We are involved in the collection of data for these important trees utilising the Specialist Survey Method (SSM) which has been adopted by major tree owners such as National Trust, Local Authorities and the Woodland Trust along with many others involved in the management of veteran trees.

We can provide individual tree inspections and management plans to enable the long term management of these important historical trees.
Ancient trees are important historically and may be land marks in their own right; we strive to support owners of such trees with bespoke packages to suit all budgets.

Landowners have a duty of care to protect the habitats of species designated for conservation priority. Our highly experienced and efficient tree surveyors undertake surveys ranging from detailed individual tree inspections to inventories of large populations of trees.

Wharton Tree & Ecology Consultants is a dedicated team of professionals who consistently deliver proven successes through education & a solid foundation of knowledge & experience.



“Worcester City Council employed the services Wharton Tree & Ecology Consultants to carry out decay detection on a number of mature trees lime trees. The service and report they provided was prompt, detailed  and to a high standard. The findings allowed  the Council to take an informed decision on how to manage trees on a land mark site in Worcester City.” Oliver Kaye, Worcester City Council



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