We are able to provide topographical and building surveys, technical plans to submit with planning applications or to provide details in terms of feasibility for development through to simple geo-referenced plans for tree management and risk zoning surveys.


We utilise the latest GPS and Total Station technology to produce high quality topographic land surveys prepared and produced to clients’ specific requirements.

All surveys are tailored to take into account clients’ particular needs, for example; a highway survey detailing every level change along with street furniture and road markings, or a rural survey showing the lie of the land using simple contours.

By using the RICS   specification “Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utility Services at Scales of 1:500 and Larger” as our standard specification we are confident our surveys will meet your every need. Surveys can be delivered in a variety of digital formats.

We work closely with Grantham Coates Surveys to provide a quick and cost effective service to out client.


We use instruments which incorporate the latest technology to aid swift accurate data collection. The company has streamlined its software processing techniques / workflow to produce high quality accurate topographical surveys. Survey data can be provided in a wide range of industry formats and can be layered and structured to clients’ specific requirements.  Typical requirements include contoured plan drawings and 3D ground models.

Our surveyors process their own work; data is not sent to a separate department for processing and editing. So our surveys are produced by the people who actually carried out the site work. There are two benefits to this:

  • The survey drawings are produced by the people who have seen and know the site.
  • The surveyors can fine-tune the on-site data collection and later office processing to optimise the end product for the client’s specific requirements.

We liaise closely with clients to ensure we fully appreciate and understand what is required for each survey project. Our primary objective is to provide clients with exactly what they need, when they need it, tailored to their specific requirements so that they are able to work with the survey data straightaway.

Other related tasks include setting-out work and cut & fill calculations. We are also able to undertake underground services surveys by using an approved trusted partner company.


Our staff are specialists in carrying out measured building surveys; examples include domestic property surveys for a simple extension, large multi storey office buildings requiring full refurbishment, and historic building surveys to produce record drawings in line with English Heritage specification.

Measured Building Surveys often form part of a wider scope of works. Projects typically involve a topographic survey, floor plans, elevations as well as building sections. We employ modern survey techniques including laser scanning to ensure all elements are accurately tied together.

We can tailor any building survey dependent on the surveys end use, be it a simple planning application for change of use, accurate plans for architectural and structural design or detailed record drawings in line with English Heritage specifications.

If you require a quotation for any kind of measured building survey please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or via the form available on our Contact Us page (includes file upload). Please include as much information as you can, existing plans, photographs and marked up aerial images will help us give you the most accurate and best value quotation.

Wharton Tree & Ecology Consultants is a dedicated team of professionals who consistently deliver proven successes through education & a solid foundation of knowledge & experience.


“Wharton Tree & Ecology Consultants Ltd have always given an excellent service to our projects; collaborative, supportive and creative, providing excellent advice and solutions to sometimes complex arboreal and ecological situations. They have demonstrated strong negotiating skills, where they have to interface with statutory authorities to develop solutions. A professional service securely build from their depth of knowledge in their area of consultancy.”
Graham Sutherland.  Partner Abacus Architects LLP



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