Wharton Tree & Ecology Consultants offers our clients a full range of tree & ecological solutions from initial surveying & feasibility studies through to detail​ed​ mitigation plans & technical reports. Early consideration to both trees & site ecology will reduce delays to planning decisions. 

Our pragmatic approach, focuses on trees & site ecology as assets rather than constraints, producing clear & considered design solutions. This allows our clients to optimise their investment.​


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    From quotation, through to delivery of a projects, we work seamlessly with teams of professionals to deliver successful results.

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Wharton Tree & Ecology Consultants is a dedicated team of professionals who consistently deliver proven successes through education & a solid foundation of knowledge & experience.


“Wharton Tree & Ecology Consultants provide reliable, cost effective & thorough arboricultural & ecological advice in facilitating & informing the design of development proposals” CN Planning



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  • Are you looking to start your career as an Administrative Assistant?

    Are you collaborative, balanced, optimistic and honest. If so this job could be the right one for you.

  • Are you looking to start your career as an Assistant Ecologist?

    Are you collaborative, balanced, optimistic and honest. If so this job could be the right one for you.

    Wharton Tree & Ecology Consultants Ltd are looking to expand its network of ecological field assistants to assist with carrying out ecological surveys.

  • Tree Charter Launches 800 Years On

    The new Tree Charter launches today, 800 years after the 1217 Charter of the Forest!

  • Sebastian and Sam join Fund 4 Trees – Rural Ride for Research!

    Trying in vain to follow in the footsteps of Pete ‘Ironman’ Wharton, our arb consultants Sebastian Onslow and Sam Hobson decided to sign up for the Fund 4 Trees – Rural Ride for Research.

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  • Are You Planning Ahead for 2018?

    Now that the 2017 bat surveying season is completed, we are well on the way to filling the early part of 2018.

  • Chin Chin!!! Bat Survey Season Success

    Our team is celebrating a very successful bat survey season; having completed over 50 surveys.

  • Arboricultural Association ARB Show 2017

    Arboricultural Association ARB Show 2017 (Friday 12th – Saturday 13th May, Westonbirt The National Arboretum)
    ‘A celebration of the science of trees’
    Move inside the arboretum sees records smashed…

  • The Ecology Team Expands for a Busy Season Ahead

    Emma has joined the Ecology Team as our newest consultant.

  • Team Continues to Grow – Welcome to Kate O’Donnell

    As our team continues to develop with consultants it is important that we are all kept in line.

  • Sponsors of the ICF National Conference 2017

    Wharton Tree & Ecology Consultants Ltd are proud to be sponsors of the ICF National Conference, taking place on the 5th & 6th April this year in Birmingham.

  • ​​Are you looking to progress your career as a Senior Ecologist?

    Are you looking for a new opportunity for 2017?

  • Ecological Field Assistants Required

    Wharton Tree & Ecology Consultants Ltd are looking to expand its network of ecological field assistants to assist with carrying out ecological surveys.

  • ​Have you received one of these?

    Have you received your sprouting Forget Me Not pencil? Not sure what it's all about?

  • A warm welcome to ​Matt Wall our new ecological consultant

    Matt is an ecological consultant with four years of professional experience in ecological consultancy and a background in residential, mineral and waste planning applications. He holds an honours degree in ecology, a master’s degree in ecology and conservation and is a graduate member of CIEEM.


Here are a few common questions and answers which we get asked regularly in relation to residential development, trees & ecology. There are also some leading questions to get you thinking.

In most cases, a contractor will only carry out practical tree work such as pruning, felling, stump grinding etc. Consultants are generally required to hold a higher qualification and advise on a range of matters such as tree health and safety, trees in relation to development and tree law / legislation.

Trees provide a range of benefits to any development. However, without proper consideration during design there is potential for conflict between trees and planning proposals. Where there are trees within influencing distance of a development, the local planning authority may ask for an arboricultural impact assessment or method statement to show that trees have been properly considered.  The implications go further when trees are protected by a TPO or the site is within a Conservation Area. It is vital to consider trees from the outset to prevent any unnecessary negative impacts.

All bat species in the UK are protected by law, and it is for this reason that bats are a material consideration in the planning process in the UK. In order to submit your planning application you will require a preliminary bat roost assessment to confirm the likelihood of these presence and following this you may require further emergence surveys.

There are 17 species of bat breeding within the UK. All of these species are protected by law and it is for this reason that they for a crucial part of the planning process.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) are made by local authorities to protect individual trees, groups of trees or woodlands in the interests of amenity. The order prohibits any form of tree work or wilful damage to the protected tree(s). A local authority can grant or refuse consent for tree removal / works. For detailed advice you should consult an arboricultural consultant.


Our experienced team will guide you through the process from estimate to planning approval.